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Created on 2009-04-18 04:55:31 (#91331), last updated 2009-04-19 (443 weeks ago)

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Name:lisa pizza
Birthdate:Sep 11, 1984
Location:Florida, United States of America
i like kittens.

fyi, i am also barbed_whispers @ lj, but i think this might be something completely different. idk.

Interests (92):

affectionate jersey bashing, albert koetsier, ash redfern, avatar: the last airbender, being shallow, bend it like beckham, bess rogers, big damn heroes, bittersweet endings, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, chip kidd, christopher pike, classic west wing, common rotation, cursing like a sailor, daemon sadi, dance fights, driving around for hours, dropping out of college, due south, fall out boy, fic that breaks hearts, firefly, george cooper, getting moshed on, going off on tangents, going to shows, gypsy, hating bruce springsteen, his dark materials, how books smell, hufflepuffs, ickle ronnie weasley, ingrid michaelson, jenny owen youngs, john green, josie & the pussycats, jughandles, julia nunes, last perfect thing, laughing til it hurts, lawn gnomes, lists, lj smith, logan/veronica, lots of pointless polls, made for tv movies, making a mess, matt nathanson, mike doughty, my imaginary friends, nerdfighters, never finishing anything, our lady peace, park ave cds, partying like it's 1999, paul simon, peanut butter, pearl jam, polka dots, pretending i'm 12, project runway, rachel caine, rediscovering awesome albums, sand beneath my toes, sarcasm, sati, say anything, staying up til sunrise, stupid boys in stupid bands, supernatural, tamora pierce, the black jewels trilogy, the harry potter books, the moments before sleep, the postal service, third eye blind, those mighty duck fucks, tomato nation, too sweet lemonade, ukuleles, unhappy endings, unicorns, unusual ink, veronica mars, very cherry iced tea, wanderlust, west side story, wizard rock, yelling at my books, your stupid face
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